Friday, January 25, 2013

Sliding Through the Miles

Yesterday's run with the Beast was a battle to stay upright! We had minimal rain on Wednesday, and we both thought the trails wouldn't be too muddy. Wrong. We headed to Shell Ridge and managed to slide through 5 miles. We explored some trails that were new to both of us, as well as some oldies but goodies. At times it felt like  I spent more time with my butt up in the air and all fours on the ground than I did running, but we had fun!  We had to re-route a few times as the cows had demolished the trail we had mapped out, and some of the single track would have been an accident waiting to happen had we attempted to run it. The nice thing about Shell Ridge is as long as you know where you are in relationship to the ridge (which you can always see), you can re-route as needed and not get lost. Here's a few pictures for ya-
I loved these ferns! They were beautiful.

The Beast finding traction in the grass...where we spent most of our time trying to run.

There was a pond down the hill on the left, we were determined to fall to the right if we fell.

I think the cows have a blast thrashing the trails this time of year. I had a bit of fun with the Beast here, she was tiptoeing around the cows as I've noticed she often does when we encounter cows on the trail.... Knowing that she my have a hidden bovine fear, I came running up behind her hooting and hollaring and waving my arms which got the cows to jumping around.  Good times!

Despite sliding around more than running, as you can see from my blotchy neck, we both got a good workout in!

I kindly reminded her not to go straight but to turn right. I'm such a great running partner. : ) This is a good idea of what the non slippery muddy trail was may not be slippery, but it was in ankle breaking condition, really rutted.
Hoping things dry out a bit next week so we can get a little further on the trail. Its such slow going when it's like this. We did 5.14 miles in just under an hour, with 954 feet of elevation. 

I'm taking today off from running due to a cold. I could run, but I would be huffing and puffing since I can't breathe, and I hate runs like that. Makes me feel so out of shape to be breathing like I'm dying even though I know I am sick and that's what is causing it. So....did a workout this morning, will do another tonight.

I know lots of you are running this weekend, or supporting your runners. Have a blast out there!

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