Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Few Reads

I stayed away from news today, but did come across 2 things - 

1. A good (not overly emotional) read can be found here.

2. This tweet from here. 

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 1 09 48 PM
Diablo - the forecast is heating up. I'm watching it like a hawk hoping it dives before Saturday, right now most sites are saying high of 80-82. Nearly the exact same forecast as last year, but last year it ended up being around 90.  I'm not against dropping to the 13.1 and going after a 50k at the 12 hour....but there would be a tinge of disappointment, if I'm being honest.  However, the bottom line is I can run. 1 mile, 5, 10, 13.1, or 31....this week has been good for perspective, and I know runners around the world are just grateful for the ability to run, and whatever distances they are running this week....they are doing it with all their heart.  Whatever I end up doing this weekend, it'll be with everything I've got. 13.1 or 31, I'll leave it all out there and be grateful to cross the finish line.


  1. I like your heat chances better this year with the earlier start. And last year was a bit of a fluke that it was so much hotter than forecast. You are trained for it, and in my mind, attempting the 50K is much nobler than the safe 13.1. If you only get halfway, then you've had a great 15.5 mile run - you've still won!

    I'd say "don't sweat this" but that seems a bit inappropriate. So I'll say "you've got this!" You do. In the bag. No worries.

    1. Thank you, NTL.

      You know just what to say : )