Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eagle Peak Trail, Mt. Diablo

Saturday we took the kids and headed out for an adventure up the back of Diablo. This is of course relative to where you are standing....but we call the Clayton side the back, and the Walnut Creek side the front.  While we live on the back side, right near this hike, actually...I normally run on the front...that's where you see all the rolling green hills and cows in my pictures. The back is much more rugged, more steep, and more secluded. More bobcats than cows.  The landscape looks very different from the front, but is beautiful non the less. You can access it from the staging area of Mitchell Canyon, or you could ask me where our secret, free parking spot is. Here's a few pictures from a 5 mile loop up Eagle Peak trail to 1700 ft, then down Mitchell Rock Trail.

That's a Diablo Range Garter Snake. They are found in 2 regions in CA, one is on Diablo. He was about 4 ft long.

Can you spot Sophie?

That's our neighborhood down below.

Lots of wild flowers on  the Mt right now!

My very wise 11 yr old says "mom, why didn't you just put the camera under the water?"  Um...cuz I forgot it was waterproof. Would have been awesome to have remembered that, doh.

Alligator Lizard

It's a beautiful time to get up on the mt. Flowers are blooming everywhere and things are still really green. That won't last for long as our temps start to creep up and the rain lessens. We were reminded it's also the time of year ticks start to make appearances again. All I am at liberty to say is one of the kids made a pit stop behind a tree in a field of grass and brought home a friend. It's gone, and all is well!
We've had a great spring break, but I'm ready to get back into a normal routine tomorrow!
Here's a link to Brian's recap of Spring Break.

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