Friday, April 19, 2013

Final Thoughts (for now)

 Monday morning's run was amazingly good.  Best run I've had in a long time. It was fast, and I felt solid. The sun was shining, and I was very aware of the fact it was my last chance to push hard and see how things felt before Diablo. Things felt good!  I was testing out a new tank top deciding if it was Diablo worthy. It is cotton, which I never run in....but the colors make me so happy. In the end, I decided to wear it and pack a stick of Glide with me just in case it's needed : )
Out of all those cows, do you see the one who made sure to spin all the way around and stare me down?? It's Bullseye, from the video last week.

 And this one was on the hill to my right, level with my head.  Nice looking cow...looked almost like you could take it home as a stuffed animal. I did not try.

 I may or my not have gotten a little misty thinking about how much I've enjoyed the past months and all the time I've spent out here, and that I hope I've done enough to get across that finish this year.
One of my favorite sections to run down on Little Yosemite trail.

Anybody know what this creature is?? I'm curious what it's origin/significance/meaning is. is clean, Cool Ties are soaking, bibs and clothes are laid out and ready to go. Ultra toes and nails are sporting BAA yellow and blue.  Nathan pack is packed, phone and camera batteries are charging.

To The Beast - be safe, have fun, and thanks for all the runs!

To Pacer Dawn - I apologize in advance for anything I say/do tomorrow. From mile 23 to the end, remember what you said - "The trail is like Vegas, what happens there stays there".

To any and all running tomorrow - have fun, and get it done!!

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