Monday, April 22, 2013

Brian's Finish

Update - Brian's recap is up here.

I have not uploaded pictures yet, and am not up to doing a long post at the moment, trying not to sit for too long as my legs take a while to get moving again.
But, I did want to post a link to this awesome video that Allen (aka NTL) was able to get of Brian running in the last little bit of the 50k.

Check it out here.

 And here's a few pictures -
(none of these are mine, they are either NTL's, other runners, or volunteers pictures)
 He was super happy to see Allen! He could probably hear the finish at this point, but could not see it.

And a few from the course -

 This is on the first climb, maybe half way up...or maybe 1/3 way up.

 Believe it or not, we started down there below the ridge we are now towering over, on the pancake flat ground.
 The above, greener, shadier pic is heading out of the 1st aid station, beginning climb #2.
 You quickly lose the shade and are back to the open, exposed climb.

 Going up this one, I knew I was on the second major climb, and kept telling myself to get to the're almost there....came up over the ridge you see....and realize we turn right and keep climbing.
 Eventually you do get to the top of the 2cd climb and have some great views. It was super windy up there when I came through (much later than these pictures would have been taken) put your head down and run sideways, can't hear your music in your earphone windy. But, it was nice to have the wind to cut the heat.
 After the main 2cd climb, you have a few miles of rolling hills before you drop down into aid station #2 at the 15.5 mile mark.
 This is aid station #2, where 2 year in a row I have called it a day.
 Brian saw 4 different snakes. He said he stepped next to a stick and it started wiggling away and he realized how close he had come to stepping on it.  These are not his pictures, but snakes other runners saw.

 Lots more pictures coming.
Brian feels pretty good. We went to the beach on Sunday and he walked through the sand like a champ!  He said he feels much better than after any of our 6 road marathons, which is pretty amazing, but that's one of the reasons I like trails so much. It's much more forgiving on the body.  That's not to say we both aren't sore, tight, and moving a bit slow, but by comparison, not too bad.
Anyhow....I'll post more later in the week.

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  1. It's a bit weird - all the races I've done in that park and I've never seen snake. I keep seeing places that strike me as perfect for them, but I keep coming up empty. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.) Great pictures - can't wait to see more and hear more about the day.