Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Beast is the Best!

You know you have a great running partner who knows you well when she meets you for a run and greets you with this-

 I mean, really?? Could she know me any better? Even down to delivering it in a paper bag....I honestly thought she was handing me booze at first (which would have been almost as great)!
She's the best!!
A pic from a few years back after we did the Big Sur Mud Run.
 After I got done doing the happy dance, we headed out with the goal of The Beast previewing part of Diablo 13.1 course she'll be doing  next Saturday.  She's been dealing with some pretty serious back issues, but I know she'll get it done like a champ!  The trails are in another seasonal transition where they look different every time I run them. The loop at the top of Sunset was nearly completely covered with tall green grass in sections (check for ticks if you're running the 10k or 13.1!!), the creeks are still there but thinning, and parts that were overflowed are now totally dry.
Except this part.

We are heading up to Lake Sonoma 50 this weekend. Not running it (goes w/o saying), but the field is just too stacked to not be there and see some of the greats getting it done!  Did you guys see over on Brian's blog that we got to chat with Victor Ballesteros last week at the San Fran Running Company??  I opened the door and he was just standing there smiling and I thought, "whoa...that's Victor!"....then I wanted to turn and walk out cuz clearly we were out of our league stepping foot in there, lol. (not to mention Brett Rivers was sitting behind the desk, and Tim Olson was running across the wall in a picture)  But he was super nice and asked lots of questions about Diablo and what we have done differently this year in preparation vs last year. 
Anyhow, if you know anything about trail running and you take a look at who's running Lake know it's gonna be a great day of racing!
We may grab a campsite for the night and spend Sunday relaxing and fishing and sitting in the sun!

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  1. Have fun up at - I'm sure it will be a blast and you'll see lots of great stuff. I love how big shot trail runners are almost impossible to pick out unless you recognize them. It's such a great sport!