Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dirt Never Tasted So.....Much Like Dirt???

 As you can see in the above pictures, Old Finley was a disaster waiting to happen!! In my head, coming out of old Finley aid station, there was another gruesome climb on exposed open fire road......had I known it was beautiful, fun, shaded single track...had I only known that last year it may have given me a boost!! The climb wasn't bad, but will seem so after 15.5 miles in 2 weeks! It is a beautiful trail....but man oh man. Thick with poison oak. I will go for it on race day, but I really didnt' want to get poison oak now, and then again in 2 weeks. (I did get some on my ankle, but I was actually surprised to not have gotten more) It was pretty muddy and slippery, one wrong move and you'd be laying in a bed of poison oak.  It was all heights as well, so from ankle to your face you had to really pay attention to every move you made. We ended up turning around, ending up with 7 miles there.  Wanting more for the day, we drove over to Castle Rock where Brian did another 7 and I did another 5.
 I took him on a new trail which is really pretty with flowers and general prettiness. It may have been a bit distracting for him...that or he was admiring his amazing new gaiters and shoes! Poor guy!!

He tripped on the same root that got me a few weeks back. I did a falling/stumble for a few feet but stayed up. He fell like a pro, did a dive so he almost resembled a seal : ) I thought for sure he'd come up with no front teeth the way he let his face take the brunt of it though.  Good times!!

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  1. Wow - that's really not funny, but it was hard not to smile at these pictures. Glad he survived with little damage. And I'm happy to see gaiters! Hopefully they were not harmed in the adventure.