Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lake Sonoma 50 Miler Pictures

This post kinda got lost in the chaos of the past few weeks, but that happens sometimes. It allowed me time to edit and crop away at these great athlete's pictures.  It was really something to see the "Trail Running Greats"...which I'm sure they'd never refer to themselves as, so I'll do it for them.  Most of us read about these guys in our Trail Runner and Ultra Runner magazines, and/or follow their blogs.  It was fun to see them up close and in real life at the end of a 50 miler that the best of the best were all running.

We had a great spot to watch/get pictures at!

1st place - Sage Canaday - 6:14:55

2cd place - Cameron Clayton - 6:26:24

3rd place - Max King - 6:33:57

4th - Jorge Maravilla

5th - Dave Mackey

Chris Vargo

Joe Uhan

Galen Burrell

Ryan Ghelfi

Nick Clark

Jacob Rydman

Josh Brimhall

Gary Gellin

Karl Meltzer

THE Tim Olson!!!  We love Tim because his wife and baby are so important to him. Within seconds of crossing the finish he's always got his son in his arms.  There's a neat You Tube video of him running with a watermelon taped to his waist, running through the woods with his wife while she was pregnant.

Yassine Diboun

Rickey Gates and Erik Skaggs, stride for stride, with the exact same finishing time - 7:14:19. Great sportsmanship right there.
First Female - Cassie Scallon
Victor Ballesteros!!

Ryan Burch

2cd female - Joelle Vaught

3rd Female - Amy Sproston - We were standing next to her parents and they were so excited for her!

 And, finally...I leave you with a stalkerish, through the windshield, picture of "Big Daddy" Hal Koerner chatting with his friends.   Hal had a rough day and ended up with a dnf. But, he's still awesome.
Just in case you forgot what's under his famous yellow and blue tank -
(you are welcome) -

Great way to spend the day! We went fishing afterwards and caught nothing, which is normal.
Good times!

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