Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cow Controle

Today's cow conversations.
There is something about the ones that have the white and black faces....they  give me a look like they'd love to chase me. Oreo, who I didn't see today, is the only one that has chased me. Sometimes they let me pass and then do a little jump/take a few steps toward me...I think they need to feel like they "won" the encounter somehow.  Out of respect for their "cowhood"  I let my heart rate go up a few beats and 'pretend' to be nervous.  They are all pretty harmless, really. There is a new guy hanging out over behind China Wall I've seen twice now that has a nice set of horns, he's a little scary, but doesn't even look up when I pass by.  Anyhow, thought I'd let you all see a bit of the cows I see on nearly every run.


  1. Holy cow! (Ha ha ha - I crack myself up sometimes)

    That's really something; I've never had that many cows on the trail to have to deal with. You are brave to take them all on. (And why in the world are they on the trail anyway? All that nice soft grass - basically a buffet - and they choose to stand on the dirt trail? I suspect they see you coming, roll their eyes, and move on to the trail out of a sense of duty.)