Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Miles of a Mixed Bag

Well, I ran!!  It was a mixed bag of feeling great, and some pain. I'm sure some of it is just being off it for 2 weeks, some is injury related.  I only planned on doing 2 miles, and stuck to it. Basically, flat is good. Hill, either going up or down, is when I feel it.   I was able to hit a 7:19 pace at the end on a flat, which felt good and was pain free and fast for me (it was a short bit). Whereas climbing a hill at a 14 pace was a bit painful. No sharp, fresh pain, just pain that I would expect to feel.  Initially I planned on making a decision after the first run back, but I can see that I'll need the week to figure out what is what - what pain I'm feeling and if it gets better or worse, and how far it will tolerate.
Bottom line, today was a success. I wasn't sure I'd even get 2 miles on it, so I'm happy!
I finally put up the run the injury happened on, and the long limp out before I got picked up, on my strava, along with today's outing. I didn't really want to look at it, but it's part of the journey, so it's up.

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