Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little further, Little faster, No pain!!

I'm taking things very slowly getting back into the running game. I did 2 miles yesterday, and was pretty stiff the rest of the day. Getting up this morning, it felt good, so I decided to do 3 today and see how it held up going a little further, and running on it two days in a row. Guess what?? It was awesome!! Still a little stiff and uncomfortable, but no pain. And, today's run was exactly a full minute  faster per mile pace! And I was again able to get into the 7's for a few seconds at the end.
Baby steps!! Tomorrow's an off day, and I'd like to do 5 on Thursday if it still feels good.
You can't see it, but the fence posts had steam coming out the top.

Rocky and uphill....so many ways to apply that but when I saw this stretch today, I laughed out loud because that was exactly what I thought "this is going to be a rocky uphill battle but I'm doing it." And, how pretty is the front edge of that rock at the bottom of the picture?
Yes, that would normally not be a celebratory run, but today it is!!


  1. "Rocky and uphill" - love it! And I love how you are easing back into this (and doing well so far). I can only imagine how hard this is for you to keep under control, and to regain your confidence (that would drive me crazy!), but you are well equipped to do just that. Congrats on making it so far!

  2. Yayyyy :) I've been having weird recurring foot pain and I did 6 today no problem (actually my MapMyRun app on my phone seriously messed up and said I ran an average 5:47 min/mile... Ha! I only wish!)

    1. Thanks Micaela, and as speedy as you are, I can totally see you running a 5:47.
      You are way outta my league : ) Sorry about the foot pain, but yay that today's run was good!!