Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Got Glue?

 That time of year again.
This was last weekend's project.  The kids have it pretty easy, they just do the experiment and tell me what happened.  It's mom who types, picks fonts, colors, sizes, prints, and glues (they help until they start getting sloppy).  Sophie's is the Shocking Wacky Water (new school wanted creative titles). Its mandatory for fourth grade.  Myles is the Doggone Good Treats project. His was optional. We don't turn down optional work around here, so he picked a project and we got it done.

This was glued to the back of the project. Notice the difference in penmanship between working with papa and working with mom.  He did the first 3 w/Papa, and last 3 with me.  To be fair, I'm the one who does homework with him everyday and he knows what I expect.  He's that kid who can do amazing things... if you make him. But he wont if you don't.  Or is that every 7 year old boy??
Anyway, I'm glad another year of these has come and gone.  And that Emma did not have to do one this year!

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