Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surf City Marathon-Post 1

There's lots of pictures in this post, so I'm not going to make them all big, but you can click on any of them to make them bigger if you'd like a better view!

 You know it's a big race/expo when the parking signs start blocks from the event.

 It was super packed inside the expo. It's a great expo..however...I don't know if it's just that we have certain products that we always use now, clothes/shoes that we are committed to, or that we have just "settled down" into who we are as runners now...but we both just wanted to get our stuff and get out, and both realized how "faddish", "trendy", "insert whatever word works for you" expos are. First time we've felt that way at an expo.
 While i would never personally buy a skirt from Running ( holy $$$), seeing their booth makes me happy!

 That big white tent is the expo. It's really huge!
 Race morning, 3:30 wake up call, obviously I crack him up.

 Parking is always a bear for this race, but not if you get there at 5 a.m. for a 6:30 start. Plenty early, time to sleep.
 He's putting his bib on above, and below....a welcome sight at any race...a sea of empty potties. TMI, I had the best pre race poop ever in history in one of those potties.  Too bad I was not running!  I had a kid in each pottie next to me and totally embarrassed them by playing Blake Shelton's Boy's Round Here on my phone while I was doing my business.  Aren't you glad you are reading this??

 We waited for the race start inside the expo tent, which was warm.

 Time to start!! Wheel chairs first.
 Check out that amazing sunrise!
 And they're off!!
 The kids and I walked on the beach path a few miles to a spot where we could see Brian go by a few times.  We love all the beach shacks along the path, and Emma has this placed scoped out for our next visit, surf lessons and a wet suit/board all day for only $75!

 Here comes the police escort for the lead runner on the road, and below he is heading on an out and back section on the beach path.

 And here comes Brian, this is at the 17 mile point. He's in red.
 And there he goes.  Then we walked back towards the finish.

 We spotted Tony, aka Endorphin Dude a few times, this is right at the finish and as always, he has a huge smile!
 And here comes Brian!!! I was so happy to see him!!

He got it done! Road marathon #7, done! He was totally fine the next day, ran a bit, walked all over the beach.  He thought maybe the soreness would hit two days out, but it didn't. He's totally fine, and going for a lunch time run today.  Great job, babe! Super proud of you!!


  1. I love these pictures and that you shared the port-pottie, um, strategies and history. I agree with you about expos - they are mostly useful for meeting up with others in the race (and then, only because they, like you, have to be there to get your stuff).

    That's so cool that Brian had little to no soreness after it was over; Way Too Cool is his!

    (BTW, there was a time when getting beat by The Endorphin Dude would have been pretty hard to do, but no more. He's become a beast!)

    One last thing, Brian is holding his jacket in the 17 mile picture and it looks like he handed it off then. Did he really carry it for 17 miles? Was it that cold at the start?

    1. Hey Allen, yes, it was cold!! He gets hives in the cold, so he had to start with it on.
      He had it tied around his waist and handed it off to me as he passed.
      Tony has gotten lean and fast, but that smile is still the same! You can't see him and not be happy.
      WTC is totally his. I'm still not running, my doubts about even being able to start WTC are pretty strong. I'm waiting till this weekend to attempt to run on the achilles, and will make some decisions after that. : (