Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thank You, Val and Dad!

 When we got home from our trip last weekend, I had two packages waiting for me. So exciting!!
My step mom, Val, sent this beautiful purse.  I love, love, love it! It's hand made, tooled leather. I love that it is beautiful, very detailed, yet neutral enough that I'll be able to use it with almost any outfit. Yes, I know a lot of you had handbags like this a few decades back, what can I say...I'm old school.  And, it smells so good! I have it next to my bed and my whole room smells like leather.  It has been..maybe never, since I've had a really nice purse. Mine come from Ross usually, sometimes Target if I'm feeling like spending an extra buck, so to have something so nice is really a treat!

 And these boots arrived, thanks to my dad's generosity!  You may remember, these were pair number one in the "boot" post.  Well, pair #2 is also on it's way, but will take a bit longer.  I love these boots! They are really pretty.  They started off completely dark brown, but as I moved them around trying them on, all these lighter cracks started to form (this is supposed to happen, and over time give them an awesome worn look).
 They really are amazing in person. Unfortunately, I could barely get them on. Admittedly, I had been sitting in the car for 6 hours and everything was swollen.  But, even getting up early and putting them on first thing...I could barely get the left one on, and the right one was a total no go. The right one could be from my stiff ankle not wanting to bend much. Either way, they are on their way back to Country Outfitter for the next size up.
Thank you both, Val and Dad, very much!!


  1. Beth, your Dad used to do leather work. He was very talented at it. For years I had a beautiful purse he made. Love the boots, too. You are very fortunate.

    1. Hey mom, I thought I remembered that but wasn't sure if I made it up. He had a leather working kit, right? That we weren't supposed to play with. I've always love the look of tooled leather, but you don't see it much anymore. A lost art.

  2. I have to say that the picture of the purse you got was very close to the one I made your mom. I made one very similiar for your gramdma jean as well. I don't know what happen to it after she died. I would give anything to have it. I enjoyed tooling leather so much. I always fantasized about being able to tool leather on the side as a hobby/side business. One of those Walter MItty things about your dad. Val is so glad for you and it is a beautiful purse. It brings back memories for me. We both love you and we both think constantly of the "trail ride through the redwoods" Can't wait.