Thursday, February 13, 2014

Almost negative splits!

I got 5 done this morning and am happy to report things feel mostly ok! I had some definite pain at the mile 2.5 mark, but this was after running uphill that whole time, and trying to push to get negative splits. That section between 2-2.5 miles there's a little steeper of a hill and it got me, bumped my pace up, but I'm still super happy with today's run. The pain was low in the calf and felt like a small rubber ball would pop out every time I pushed off that foot. It wasn't sharp pain, just "that does not feel right" pain, and I pushed through and it went away w/in .2 mile. It was another "a little further, a little faster" run.  I'm happy with any run where there are no miles in the 13's and the last mile in the 9's.  Next week I'll add back in some steeper climbs and descents, and a longer run, and go from there. Right now I'm having to snake the tiny hills coming up out of the creek beds, I can't go straight up as it flexes my foot back too much and it pulls in my calf, and not in a good way. Still not ready to say how I feel about WTC.  Taking it a day at a time.

Have a happy weekend, I don't plan on posting again till next week. Brian has a 4 day weekend, I'll be busy soaking him up.

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