Friday, February 7, 2014

Staying Mostly Sane While Injured

A few ways to stay mostly sane while injured-

1. Get up.
2. Get dressed in non running/workout clothes. I've been wearing date night outfits daily, because they make me happy.
3. Do my hair everyday. Try out new hairdos.
4. Do make up everyday.
5. Clean the house everyday.
6. Light my smell-good candles everyday. Currently burning Lemon Bar scented candles.
7. Wear real jewelry. Normally my garmin and id bracelet are my jewelry.
8. Paint toes in non black, blue, dark purple color. They are currently sporting a french pedicure.
9. Make dinner everyday.
10. Pretend that you'd rather be doing all the above things instead of being out in the dirt on the trail
11. Ignore the pain.
12. Discover Triple Sec.

Ways to have a break down-

1. See a runner
2. See someone in runner shoes/shirt.
3. Go to a running event, stand near the finish line and see how happy everyone is to be running/finishing what they set out to accomplish. Just being honest here, it was hard. Yes, I was happy for everyone, just wanted to be in the mix with them.
4. See a Strava Activity update in your email box (these are instantly deleted. I love all my running friends and I'm happy you are having great runs right now, but I'm not looking at what anyone else is running these days)
5. Get a Way Too Cool running group/race update email saying now is the time for those last long runs before it's taper time.
6. Sleep in, stay in pjs all day, do not do hair/makeup/brush teeth or shower.
7. Focus on the days that are ticking off your training schedule or how many/few days are left on it.
8. Missing the sights/smells/sounds of the trail, the grit between your toes, smell of cowpies in the air, and knowing that the creeks are now flowing due to the recent rain.
9. Not ignoring the pain -focusing on all the random burning, twitching, popping, thumping, spasms, and pain while walking, sitting, sleeping. (it is greatly improved, and on the mend...mostly)

Maintaining Perspective-

When running is such a huge part of your life, it's easy to get stuck in the negative thinking space when injured. That is an understatement.  In the moment, it feels like you're never going to run again (2 weeks is a long time in a runners world, people), that in one moment, one instantly lost 6 weeks of hard work, like it was all for nothing.  Thinking that there is no way you can recover in time for your race that you've been working hard to get to the start/finish line of.  Any insecurities that were lingering just under the surface while you were healthy and training are now blown up and in your face.

The reality is I will run again. I have not lost my legs/leg.  In the grand scheme of things, this will be a quick recovery (I'm optimistic that I'll be running in some fashion next week).  There is no other way I would have wanted to spend the 6 weeks that led up to the injury. The truth is that "training" gives me an excuse to do more of what I love to do, and I had completely enjoyed those 6 weeks, that time and and joy, training and conditioning both mentally and physically did not disappear the second my achilles went.  Can I recover in time for Way Too Cool? I don't know. That is the reality.  It could go either way - I try to run next week and still have too much pain and can tell it's not ready to be run on.  What that would mean is that even if I waited another 2 weeks and it was fine to run on, it would not be wise to, at that point, do a 50k (32 miles). OR, I could try to run next week, feel ok, take it slow but get a few more long runs in, and make it to the start line.  Either way, I will be ok. Either way, March will come and go. Life and time goes on. Eventually, this will all be behind me, and there will be many more adventures. I would just really like for Way Too Cool to be one of them! : )

Alright, there you have it, a little peak into the past 2 weeks.
Hopefully I'll be back to posting some great pictures from the trail soon!!


  1. I can imagine how tough this has been on you, but I also know how tough you are and that you will get through this and keep it all in perspective. Worst case, you get to join us at WTC and cheer in the runners. That's not a bad day. (Although it would be better if you were running it!)

    1. You are so awesome. I know you are going to be fine in the "big picture", but totally understand your frustration. Seems to me that spending the day with notthatlucas would be a riot. See you soon. Moo

    2. Spending the day with notthatlucas mostly means a long day of guarding your food and making sure you don't end up with a "Kick Me" sign taped to your back. And avoiding doing anything embarrassing while his camera is out. Especially that last one.

    3. notThatlucas underestimates his entertainment value! And if Mrs is there...forget about it!