Friday, September 26, 2014

17 Years Later-

17 years of wedded bliss will be celebrated tomorrow.
One of our first dates (that wasn't a date because we were "just friends") was to a PBR event in Portland, OR.  So while it may seem odd, it's really fitting that we celebrate 17 years with a return to a PBR event!  I'm so excited!! What better way to celebrate than watching some of this -

Ok, well maybe a few of ya can think of other ways you'd like to celebrate, and for some of ya celebrating your anniversary at this event would have marked the last anniversary you celebrate, lol.  For's perfection.


Thank you to both dad and mom for making this anniversary a special one for us! Mom, I will look at a few cowboy butts for you. Dad, we'll eat something really good for you! Thanks again.


  1. I love that bull riding first drew you together! Congrats on 17 years of bliss! I think a mechanical bull in the living room would be a perfect anniversary gift to yourselves.

    1. For our 20th I'd LOVE to rent a mechanical bull, have it in the back yard and have a party!!!

    2. be careful what you wish for. we can make this happen. only if brian agrees to ride it.