Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Making Hills and Valleys - From my brains perspective

A view into my brain during this run- (click on the Castle Rocks Bottom link and scroll down to where it shows my pace, that's the blue line that looks like a mountain range, and ideally should be flatish, then this post will make sense.)
First half - Run. No, legs are too tired. You need to run..ok, I'm running. legs are too tired.  You really should be running...ok, I'm running again.  No, glutes are toast, gotta walk.  Well, got a mile done....really slow. 3 more to go. Really gotta run, shouldn't be walking this, ok, here I go. #%#$% my legs are sooo tired. I hate walking. Dont' like people seeing me walk this. Gotta run, here I go....loardy, just get through this mile and I can turn around. Huh, well, slower than slow, but faster than mile 1. Ok, well, now I get to turn around, and it's all downhill-ish except for coming up outta the creeks.  Ok, run. Feels like I'm not moving, just prancing up and down...just keep going, go...I see the gate, gonna have to stop to open it cuz the fixed it and I can't just push it open any more...grrr. Almost to 3 miles...gotta snot rocket, feel like I have a snorkel mask on and can't breath..well, that was about a half successful snot rocket, ok, mile 3 done..crud that was slow, but still faster than 1 and 2.  Ok, just push out another mile and your done. Push, push, keep going...dang it, gotta get a better snot rocket...dang it, my face is covered in snot but there's still a brick in my nose.  No time to pick it if I want to negative split this dumb run. Move your butt. Did this used to be so, idiot, you took a year off and this is your first back to back days of running, just move. Oh man....I'm going to have to run past the car and circle back to hit 4 miles. Don't be the gomer running circles in the parking lot checking your garmin, just run straight up it and back down, nobody will know what your doing. Yes, 4 miles....better go a few feet more to make sure it says 4 when you upload.
Done. 4 miles. Slower than snot negative splits...with tired legs, and a brick in your nose. Good job, you.


  1. Ha ha ha - just think how much fun it would be if you said this all out loud during the run! (BTW, I've never done a snot rocket. I know I'm missing something big, and my time will come, but there it is. I've never lost a toenail either. I'm starting to wonder if I'm all talk and no action.)

  2. Well, you may not have lost a toenail...but you've pushed so hard that you couldn't pull your own pants it all evens out, and you are legit! And I'm not sure how beards work with snot rockets, you may be wise to not have done one ever.

  3. I guess there is no way I can blame your mom. Is there??? Actually-I sit here smiling as I think: THATS MY GIRL.
    love you, dad

    1. Well, I blame you both : ) Surely a country girl should have been taught how to master a snot rocket from birth. I actually had moments of thinking " I need to carry a gross hanky like dad always had"..I could tie it on my pack...I had it all planned out, but then decided I'd rather just keep trying to master the snot rocket and not have to wash a gross hanky.
      Love you, too.