Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yesterday's Trail Friends

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a workout, then wanted to just get a few quick miles in of running before coming home and doing another workout.
For only doing 2 miles, I sure saw a lot!
(Warning: If you don't like big, harry spiders, this is not the post for you!)
 There are no animals, but I was running and just happened to look left and there was this amazing ray of sunlight lighting up a section of woods back there. It was so pretty, much prettier than the picture captures.
 Below, I see so many of these guys, I rarely take pictures of them any more. The drier we get, the more I seem to see. But this one.....was super big and posed so handsomely I couldn't resist.
 While I only went out 1 mile, I saw no Tarantulas outbound, but within minutes I was heading inbound on the same trail, and this was Tarantula #1. Yes, there's a lot of pictures, but these things are just so cool I kept snapping as long as I could. I was able to get the camera set on Macro to try to get some of the details for you guys...but that means getting within 6 inches or less for the setting to work well. It was fun!!


 And this was the second one I saw, the one in the video from yesterday's post. It was in a hurry to get somewhere, and not a fan of the camera!

Twice he walked over the edge of the camera. 
Tarantula season is such a cool time on the mountain! This is the first year I've had the season pass and have been able to regularly go to the area's they tend to be in, so while there has always been a tarantula season on Diablo, this is really my first year getting to experience it fully! I've seen a few here and there during previous years, but nothing like this year, and I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to interact with these gentle spider giants!

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