Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eagle Peak Trail to Mitchell Rock Trail, Mitchell Canyon, Mt. Diablo

Yesterday morning's adventure was a 4 mile, 1191 ft of climbing, loop out of Mitchell Canyon. I went up Eagle Peak trail, and came down on Mitchell Rock trail. Conditions are as expected, super dry, crumbly, rocky, loose, and slippery. However, the views are worth it, and the down hill can be as fun as you dare to make it.

 For now, I'm running past this, but in about an hour I'll be running down out of those woods on this trail.
  Looking up the back side of Mt. Diablo at the summit. Those craggy nooks and crannies towards the left of the mt are where the Waterfalls Trail loop is I've posted about a few times over this past year.

 Above, working. Below, resting.

 You can adopt a trail and maintain it, and I highly suspect Eagle Peak has been adopted as it's in really good shape, even sporting some new little rock walls right at the switchbacks.

 Above is from where I came up, below is what I'm going down.

 Yes, you do go right up over that last hill and straight down the other side.

 I love running through the Pine's.
 That's the park down there, where I'm parked.
And this is the trail I said I'd be running down in about an hour, and I'm running down it right on schedule.

A great morning on the mountain.

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