Monday, September 8, 2014

Pics from this mornin

Not a lot to say. I did two separate runs this morning. I did not intend on doing that, it just unfolded that way. The first just felt blah, partly because I was running a ridge that is just 10 shades of brown, tan, burnt colors. Partly because its a hilly ridge, there's really no good direction to run it.You know what I mean, there's usually an uphill direction and a downhill direction....this ridge is just up and downs from both directions.
So, I called it done, and drove over to a killer hill that would be a good leg workout and get me a couple more miles.

 Feeding the Hokas.
 Looking towards Walnut Creek and Lafayette.
 Borges Ranch is just on the other side of that hill, which was fun to run down, but I don't really want to head back up it. You go up the main trail you see towards the left, then hang a sharp right, right up that cone shape-ish hill, you can see the trail through the trees if you look hard.
  Borges Ranch, where I'm parked, with Mt. Diablo in the background.
 Run #2, heading up, looking down on Walnut Creek, you can see a tad bit of Briones off the the right on the horizon line in this picture.
 And that terribly bumpy ridge along the horizon was the scene of run #1.
 That was a scary fun downhill, and my mouth looks weird because I always breath through my mouth when I run, but the air hurts the teeth I've had worked on, so now you get this odd mouth look.
 You are looking center of the horizon line at the hawk that is flying away....below you can kind of see that he was carrying a big, not dead snake. The snake looked like he was trying to strike upwards at the hawk, and the hawk kept circling not wanting to land....I'm guessing he wanted to make sure the snake died first...I just wanted him to not drop it on my head.

 To happy trails, and better runs this week!

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