Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here are a few pictures that didn't get posted yet. These first ones are from last weekend (nine days ago).
Brian and I went to a movie, came home and took the kids to see some tarantulas. My sightings have dropped way off, and I really wanted the kids to get to see one up close and live before the season passes and they go back in the ground till next August.

 That's just a pretty green vine turning red.

 We hung a left on the way back out of Mitchell Canyon, onto Globe Lilly trail. If you've never taken this little trail (and most don't, most stay on the main fire road), it provides some great views! You go out the valley to the second park bench, hand a right, and take the first right. It takes you back to the first park bench.
 This batch is from last weeks run. It's Brazen's/Save Mt. Diablo Trail Challenge 10k course.
The picture below is me standing on the same rock that  I'm standing on in the picture you always see on the left side of the blog, only w/no water.

 Above is a close up of the deer, and one of my favorite pictures I've taken lately.  Below is what it actually looked like not close up, from where I was standing.

 There are two ponds on the left of the trail, and they are both bone dry, deeply cracked, desert looking ponds right now....yet somehow the trail is sporting this green grass/weeds with yellow flowers.  They looked really out of place surrounded by all the brown/tan landscape.
 Above, that's just me. Below, I was on the hill that drops down to Stage, and I stopped to look at the dried up froggy pond (there are no froggy noises this year) and heard something crashing around in the dried reeds down there. I figured I should stay put till I spotted whatever it was since I was going to be running right past there in a few minutes. It was a buck.
I'm thinking tarantula season has rolled out, and deer season is picking up. Turkey season is never ending here, haven't seen a coyote in a long time. Not sure if they really have a season, or if the drought has them in other areas. I know there's a few spots with water still, and when I'm near the watering holes, there's tons of tracks from all sorts of animals.
Anyways, wanted to get these posted before moving on to more current events, like my awesome weekend!!


  1. Lots of great pictures - love the tarantula ones. We are running the Brazen Tarantula Run next weekend and I better see some there! (I've never seen a bear at Bear Creek though, so my hopes aren't up that high.) Man does your park look dry. Hopefully that will get fixed in a month or two.

    1. Thanks, Allen. I can't believe how many tarantula's I've seen this year, it's been fun!
      It is so dry. I thought last winter was bad, but this fall its even worse. Every run my sinuses are acting up because of the dirt being dust.