Thursday, September 11, 2014


Why the heat wave, CA?? Upper 90's for days. I worked at the school this morning, so got around to my run after 11, and holy cow.  I had visions of doing Eagle Peak today, out of Mitchell Canyon, and I did head out that way, started climbing, and realized I was already struggling .8 of a mile in.
85 degrees....but mt degrees. Meaning it's hotter on Diablo, I swear it's a crazy mt that way.  Everything feels so much hotter reflecting back up into your face. I even had my neck cooler thing on.  Oh well. I'm so looking forward to a cool down.....eventually it'll have to happen.
 Just came across Bruce Lee Trail in the grasslands, realizing I'm already toast and just starting to climb, wondering if I should be doing this or not, and when to call it and turn around...or keep going.
This is what 85 and under 2 miles did to me....pretty ridiculous that I'm such a light weight in the heat, but man, that was rough!

ps, it's now 3pm and 105 out.  Ugh.


  1. I have always chose to push it when faced with physical activity involving extreme heat. I always pay a price. Therefore, I made the decision to stop doing just that for the past decade. A month ago I had to help stan out at dad's place. It involved some exhausting bent over digging and heavy lifting on a 105 degree day. Later that night, the only reason I did not end up in the hospital I was so bad off I could not move enough to get dressed. Nor could I get to the phone., Jen is the same way. So, Its probably the gene pool. When your mom was drill team captain I do remember watching her in High School march in a parade here in Kennewick on a 107 degree day. She ended up with the same redness and look in her face depicted in your selfie. Cant fight the gene pool.

    1. And what a strong gene pool it is, lol!! My kids all get the same red blotches.
      Thought of you in service this morning. Another super hot day, but I was able to treat my partner to iced coffee half way through the morning thanks to my Starbucks service card : )

  2. I envy you guys. I always wanted service to be that fun but as you well remember it was nose to the grindstone. You put a smile on my face.