Thursday, September 25, 2014

5th Grade Camp

There has been much talk about 5th grade camp not happening this year. There's a new CA law that makes it so that no child or child's family can be asked to pay for field trips or donations or to pay for things like camp, or school supplies. Also, if one child cannot afford to go, then either nobody goes, or there has to be fundraising so that all the kids can go.
Well, that isn't as big a deal when we are talking about needing $10 per kid for a local field trip...if someone needs covered, it's not usually a big deal to kick in an extra $10. But, for something like 5th grade camp, we are talking about a total price tag of $25,829....or roughly $300 per student.  It's not as easy to kick in enough extra to make sure everyone can go....and if you pay the $300, and then it's cancelled because there aren't enough funds raised, you don't automatically get a refund. You have to request a refund from the district, and then sit and wait....that is also new.
Up until today, word was that it was just not going to happen this year, however, Sophie came home with her flyer, so excited that the school found a camp finally! (Due to the new law, the district wouldn't allow the school to use the same camp they had always used). 
Now 5th grade needs to get busy fundraising as the deadline is December 1.
(I'm in no way soliciting funds here, Sophie is totally covered.)
With that, here's a look at Camp SEA Lab, located 15 miles south of Santa Cruz, on the beach of Monterey Bay. Activities include:
- kayaking
-Night Beach walk and campfire
-squid dissection
-plankton labs
-invertebrate surveys
-beach exploration 
-ocean current labs

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