Monday, July 25, 2011

And Date Night Went a Little Like This......

We started with coffee, because when one hasn't been sleeping, it's a smart thing to do
: )

We had a sitter from 4 to 9, but hit traffic going into the city and got here at 6. SB was our priority, and this one is our favorite one. It takes up 3 stories, you see 2, 1 is in the basement.
We ended up with new shoes, fuel, and a top I will start off wearing and then tie around the waist. Brian got a new pair of marathon shorts that have pockets across the back, but on this new pair some of the pockets on the side zip.
He also got a new pair of trail shoes that he's had an eye on.

I did some of these exercises, notice the flusher handle behind her head??

I will openly admit I am a cheap date, food and eating out is not really enjoyable to me. I can't really justify it and prefer to spend money on tangible things that aren't gone in 30 minutes. That, and any money I would have justified spending on dinner is now invested in Sports Basement stock.

These are my new Mizunos. Mizunos have always been my favorite. They revamped the shoes I ran in for years, and the new design did not agree with my feet, so I was very happy to find this new variety that fit perfectly.
I ran in them today and will get them properly broken in this week, and ready for their first real workout on Sunday!

We still had a few things to get that we didn't' find at SB, so Saturday we went to a new store in Walnut Creek, SA Elite. As in Sports Authority Elite.
A new favorite.
I will post pictures and a more thorough description tomorrow.

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