Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still here....

I am still here.....have convention photos to post, but just not interested in doing it. Next week when taper madness begins I will probably be posting daily, but for now...just not interested. This is our last hard training week. Have a 20 miler down for this weekend. Weather has taken a cool turn, from 100's to the 70's, so perfect running conditions abound.
I am more than pleased with how our bodies, mine specifically, have held up this training go round. Normally at this stage, there is something that is hurting, or staying sore....something that repeatedly flares up and makes long runs end in tears. I occasionally have an achilles flare up, but nothing like in the past. Long runs have been very bearable and border on enjoyable, especially the last 2 miles when I realize we are almost done and things that would normally hurt aren't' hurting. As far as speed goes, well, our long runs have been long, while our 8 milers have consistently been minutes faster each how will that play out in a marathon?? My gut says long, but pain free, which will be a vast improvement over last go round with San Fran. I would still love, and hope to see a finish time that starts with a "4". I will openly go on record that my main goal is to stay under 5, and I will be disappointed with anything less. I also know that things happen, and goals can change as a marathon plays out, and that come game day, just finishing is a victory....but having goals is what makes us even get to the start line, and going into this one, my goal is to stay under 5.
Quick thanks to those of you who told me about the Booty Wrap over the weekend, either at the convention or by phone. Those of you who visit the blog knew why it was made for me!! I emailed Kathy, the maker of the Booty Wrap....and while she "doesn't' recommend it for running due to the risk of it coming untied"....I will order one as soon as the site has it in a Medium Black! Nothing should really ever be tied around your waist while running, but since there will always be something around mine, it mine as well be cute and have usable pockets!! : )


  1. I would like to do the NYC Marathon but I'm not sure how to gear up for training, it is just so much to think about! Any advice?

  2. Hi Jessica,
    we use a schedule from
    Its a 16 week schedule but we usually start training 12 weeks out from race day. Having 3 kids, it works well for us. There is no track or speed work, just 3 mid week runs and a long run on the weekends. There is a peek of what it looks like in this post -

    As you can see, we stay as close as possible to it, but tweak it to fit our life.

    Training is a commitment, but should not be overwhelming! You can find a schedule and make it work for you. Runners World .com is also a great source for all things training related.

    I'm not sure if this would be your first marathon or not, but I am a firm believer that anyone can run a marathon who can commit to the training and nutrition.

    NYC Marathon is one of the tougher ones to get into, you can't just register for it and run it like most marathons. I believe ladies 18 - 39 have to have previously run a 3:38 marathon or faster and have to have proof of said time available on line....which would involve picking a different marathon to run before NYC and doing some speed work to get your time down into the mid 3' it would be more of a commitment if you have your heart set on running NYC, but worth it!!

    But I would for sure start with as much as you can about training and look into different training programs and schedules that would fit with your lifestyle. Then just pick one and do it, don't over think's too easy to scare ourselves out of going after a goal! If you want to do it, you can!!
    All the best to you!!

  3. Hey Jessica,
    make that a 3:23 qualifying time, not yeah, a training program that had some speed work incorporated would be a huge plus if aiming to qualify for NYC : )