Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Need Sleep....

I am sooo behind on sleep it's not funny anymore!!
As far as training goes...all that is left for me to do is eat well, and sleep more....and I cant sleep.

In the past, I have dealt with insomnia off and on. It is predictable as to when it will strike if it's going to strike at all. Lets just say there are usually 2 nights a month that I don't sleep well, meaning I get maybe 3 hours of sleep. I know when they are coming, and it's only 2 nights, no biggie.

Tonight will be night 5. I thought after our long run I would sleep for sure, but no...it was worse that night because my legs got a case of the twitchies and jumped around all night.

I have tried different pillows, cooling the room down, different blankets, pillows over my head, cutting back to only having a cup of coffee in the morning, not throughout the day/evening.....I've tried having a drink (the adult kind), which normally makes me sleepy......nothing has worked.

What's that?? "Stress" you say?? No. Not that we don't have any. I have always been an 'it is what it is and stressing out about things wont change anything' person. And, if you know me, if I was awake because I was stressed, I would get up and clean something : )

I don't really know how to explain the feeling, but it's like my body is exhausted, eyes baggy and droopy, but my mind is wide awake. Like feeling the most awake I have ever been.....at the same time I feel the most tired I have been. The more I think about it and try to figure it out, the more awake I am.

So today brought about a different plan of attack. Instead of dragging myself through another day exhausted....I decided to give myself a smack down and see if that doesn't get me some zzz's tonight.

Laundry, dishes, Jillian workout, lunch time run with Brian that included some fast and furious fartleks, and some Insanity Max Cardio. That's about 3 hours of intense sweat....and I am hoping that 3 hours will result in at least 5 of sleep...please!!
Heading out to cap off my smack down with some weed pulling.
Any sleep suggestions??

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  1. My guys have intermittent sleep problems and just love their Melatonin. We buy the big bottles at Costco because it is such a necessary item in this household. It's the only thing I can think of to suggest.