Friday, July 22, 2011

Marathon Date Night

Tonight is the night! Our second annual "San Fran Marathon Date Night". It'll start where all great date nights start, Sports Basement on Bryant. We will get the small, yummy, special things that make dates memorable....Gu, Sports Beans, Builder Bars. We will pick out special "unmentionables" socks and the best thing sports bras!! It will be amazing : )

Then, we will drive the course.....just in case we have forgotten the grade up to Golden Gate Bridge, or the interesting shops on Haight St, or how unexciting the industrial area in the last 3 miles is. We will be amazed at how "every day" things look today, while imagining how amazing it will be to once again run with thousands over the GG bridge and through GG Park.

Dinner...well, I am very high maintenance when it comes to dinner. Only the best for me......which, for me, has always meant making memories. One of my favorite memories from last years date night was take out Chinese from Safeway and the best carrot cake with an inch of cream cheese frosting on top from the Safeway bakery....which we will eat again this year, in the car, while driving the course.

I have looked forward to this date night for a whole year, and a second chance at running this marathon for a whole year, too. If I weren't so excited I may be terribly upset that I wrenched my back working out and have been IBP'ing and icing for 2 days...but it will be fine by next weekend. And if not, the beauty of last years experience is that I know I can run through some pretty rough stuff, and will be fine.

To the hubby - I love you! Last years San Fran was a bit symbolic of the year that came to follow it. You have been an amazing rock this past year, taking the lead, you have gotten, and continue to get, our family through some "pretty rough stuff". This years race will be 'special' for it's own set of reasons, but one thing remains (ok, more than one) the same. We will get through it together, rely on each other, and undoubtedly have a good laugh on the other side of it.
I love you and can't wait for our special date tonight!


  1. This is a really great post and it's even getting me excited! You two are so well prepared and are approaching this so thoroughly - the success will be astonishing and not a surprise at all. An inch of cream cheese frosting sounds a bit challenging to me though.

  2. Im so excited for you! Enjoy your date! You do have an amazing husband!