Thursday, July 7, 2011

"My Ribs Hurt"

I love my kids!!
They started asking me Tuesday night if they could workout with my Wednesday morning. Oh, and they didn't want Jillian, they wanted Insanity...I suspect this is because they get to watch Shaun T in video form, rather than reading the moves off Jillian's site...but none the less, they wanted to workout and that makes me all sorts of happy.
So yesterday morning I get up....last...and they are all waiting and ready to go. I pick the shortest of the 9 videos, a cardio abs workout. It's around 30 minutes and of course they are checking their abs every 5 minutes because "Shaun T said we would have abs and I don't' see any!" So we get to the end and there's confusion because it's "already over", they have no abs yet, and "you usually workout for a lot longer than that!" So they wanted more. Next we moved on to a core/balance 45 minute workout. After explaining what your core is and what he means when they hear "keep your core engaged"....we got it done! Now, after a few bottles of water, feeling the burn, pouring sweat, still seeing no abs...they were done. Thank goodness because there was no way I was doing 3 Insanity workouts in one day!
I love that these workouts are designed for all levels, to do what you individually can, at your own pace, own reps.....makes it great for moms who need to kick their mom butt, and kids who want to "workout" along side said moms. There are no weights involved, it's all using your own body resistance. They can see the move being done, and they are not complicated moves, very kid do-able...they just go way slower and do less, but still get to be a part of it, and get to hear Shaun T saying "good job, keep pushing, don't' stop" to them.
So then we spent some pool time at a friends house, came home and got ready to head out for an 8 miler. By the end of this 8, the girls were wiped! Sophie's shoulders were hurting (no doubt she was feeling the push ups, planks, and jabs) and Emma's "ribs hurt". I reminded her she gave her "ribs" a double dose of Insanity and 8 miles on a bike!!
I love my kids!!
Today will involve a bit more Insanity.....of the Convention prep variety! There are nails to paint, hairdo's to plan, and outfits to coordinate. We always buy our lunches morning of at Safeway, so at least that can wait till tomorrow. If your convention is this weekend, have a good one....and if you already had yours, dont' tell me anything!


  1. You will enjoy each day. It's great! I am anxiously anticipating the pictures. I love you all. Grandma J

  2. day 1 was amazing, info wise.
    We hit traffic on way there and barely made it, in fact we were just getting seats when the music started, I was a nervous wreck! We are always at least an hour early!!
    Today is exciting with the noon dunking and a drama...then Bubba's for dinner.
    Love you!!