Friday, July 29, 2011

Expo Day!!!!

I really can't believe how close we are.
Really?? It's been a year already??

I did the traditional pre marathon adding up of the training miles and was surprised. We put in 389 this go round.

For Long Beach International we put in 372
For Two Cities we put in 360
For Napa Valley we put in 415
For San Fran last year we put in 402

And here I did a post on how we trained less for this one than any other one. It really feels like we didn't put in that many miles. All previous training periods felt so much longer, harder, and more painful. I am really shocked we did 389.........and then I remember the difference. We normally train for 12 weeks. This time we trained for 16 weeks. So take that 389 and spread it out over 4 more weeks and there you have it...a not so difficult training go round!

Anyhow, we are heading into the Expo later today. Going to make an afternoon of it and hear some of the speakers, including Operation Jack's Sam. If you know me you know there is no such thing as enough race hype. I love it all, the booths, the free stuff, the loud music, the photo booth, the speakers, waiting in line for our shirts, bibs, goodie bags.....I love every second of it!!
Brian and I both have gift cards to spend....since we "referred" each other, we got a reward to spend on San Fran merchandise. Shouldn't be difficult. : )

Woo Hoo, let the race weekend begin!

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