Saturday, December 10, 2011

A 1:16, and a 39 minute'er, and a course limit milker

We have a 1:16 10ker in the house!! She did great!! We had a few random moments of unplanned running right out of her shoe and having to go back and get it....and having to stop in the first mile for me to take off my arm warmers and give them to her....and getting hugs from her teacher who braved the cold and the Sports Basement cheer group. It was pretty awesome to be out there with her for 6.2 miles. She was definitely one of the youngest I saw out there and got lots of support and hoots and hollars from other runners.

Sophie ran an awesome 39 minute 5k! She told me this morning that when she runs she just likes to "cruise" and not really be thinking about going fast. Well, her "cruising" speed keeps getting faster. Brian said he saw her just running along talking to people, even running backwards at one point talking to the guy behind her. She seemed to have a great time!

Myles went all 'trail runner' on us and used 57 of the 60 minute limit for the course : ) I'm not sure he had all that great of a time as it was freakishly cold and there were no medals, so it was one of those mornings that if you don't love running for the sake of running....just for the medal that didn't exist.....well, it's not gonna be your day.

A full recap and lots of pictures later.....


  1. Emma, you rock!!! Sophie, I love that you run for fun!! Bubba, why run if you can't explore at the same time!! You get a "Gold Medal" in Grandma's book. Love you all sooooo much!

  2. I've heard some grumblings about long lines and other issues. It sounds like you all had a great time though! Congrats on all the speedy times and a special congrats to Myles who seems to approach running the same way I do. I paid for a four hour cutoff and I'm going to get my money's worth!

  3. I saw Sophie giving it her best, cruising down that trail! Kevin and I were hiking the Iron Horse trail today and walked right past all the 5Kers :-) I searched for the rest of the family but only spotted Sophie. Well done all of you!