Sunday, December 4, 2011

Girls on the Run Lollipop Run, San Fran

So Brian had been asked to run this w/the daughter of a friend. She is super speedy, running a 21 minute 5k.Brian had been a bit nervous about the task of keeping up with her, but after talking with her dad, the plan was to hold her back until half way, and then turn her loose. I should mention that they had been training for a few months w/the GOTR program and this was everyones "graduation" race, and that this was her second year w/the program.

I have a ton more pictures on our photo site, but below you will see "T"...the speedy girl on the left coming towards me.....Brian is no where to be seen. He eventually did catch back up to her, but she was flying and had an awesome stride.

dont' see that everyday!
One of the 4 times we went through a tunnel. The girls ran by themselves and I ran w/Myles.
He took a few detours through the woods and over some dirt hills, then got as many high fives as he could. We had a few "moments" but I kept him moving w/a promise of getting his face painted and going to the beach after.

The girls got "medals"....although once you've gotten a Brazen medal nearly everything else is a piece of plastic...but anyhow...the girls got medals, the boys did Kinda lame.
So, then we got some eats at Safeway and headed to Ocean Beach. The kids played for a bit, and then we got to looking over at the Marin Headlands....and got to pining away about how those hills were full of runners taking part in the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship. Before we knew it we were figuring out the start time, how long it took our friend to finish 50 miles his last go round, and realized we could make it to the finish in time to see him cross.

Then we stumbled across the fact that there was a free race that started at 4, and was lead by none other than Mr. Legs himself, Dean Karnazes!!! We hurried across the beach back to the car and changed back into our running clothes, and took off for Marin!

Keep reading below for what happens next!!

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  1. What a great day for you all! I love that Bubba headed for the dirt and trees - a kid after my heart!