Friday, December 30, 2011

No, Brazen...Thank You!!!

I found this gift this morning on Brazen's site (yes, i check it first thing in the morning : )
We all love this company for different reasons. For me, they have allowed me to make precious memories w/my kids. You have filled their medal racks to the full. They have given me an environment where I can push my limits, and if I fail, I know there will be someone there to pick me up, tell me "nice try, you'll get it next time", and shove an It's It ice cream in my hand. They have created a safe, friendly, family environment that has somehow made us feel brave enough to attempt a 50k.
Yes, I know they are a business, blah, blah, most of us they are much more than that.
Thank you, Brazen, for the memories made over the past year of running. Sam, Jasmin, and all the volunteers, thank you!!

(anyone up for a round of how many times can you spot Allen?? There's no prize though : )

(video source)


  1. Great video, but they need to swap out my pictures with more from Diane and your kids and...I guess if I had made that video it would be an hour long.

    I love that you see whole families there, including strollers and dogs. It's an amazing atmosphere that I first found pretty much by accident in January of 2010, and I've been hooked ever since.

    I hope we see you at a lot more of their events this year - Diablo 50K will be amazing!

  2. I counted 5! How many did you count? I totally agree with all your statements! They are the best - hands down - of all racing companies!!!!!!!! Hopefully we will see you real soon!