Saturday, December 3, 2011

Epic Day in my Running Life

Yes, I did!!!!!!!!!!
I ran with Dean!!!!!!
If you have any wild guesses as to where he may have been today, or what he may have been running, you can probably figure out how this came about.
I will let you ponder until tomorrow, but it was memorable!

We also saw Mr. and Mrs. Brazen Racing, and Mr was looking great after his 50k.

Also at unsaid (in this post at least) event, we got to see our friend Ryan finish his 2cd 50 miler along with one of his 3 pacers, the other 2 seemed to be pacing each other : )
Ryan did awesome and looked to be in great shape, barely stopping as he ran straight to the beer garden.

This mornings 5k event went very well. Brian's running buddy girl did great. The kids and I also did the 5k and had fun. It was super cheap at $60 per family, up to 5, included shirts and the kids had their faces painted.
We thought this would be our only event of the day, but had a moment of spontaneity that led to one of my most memorable running moment to date!
As a side note, the tunnel that Dean is running through in that top picture, yeah, I ran through there this morning at our first race!
More tomorrow, with pictures!


  1. What a tease! I can't wait to hear the details! There was a lot of talk today about how that race needs to be on our list next year.

  2. We will 100% be there next year, maybe both days.
    Lets hope Mr brazen runs again next year so that there are no Brazen runs scheduled on that same weekend : )

  3. I suspect he works pretty hard not to conflict with other big races. Like Way Too Cool, whose lottery opens tomorrow (and I'm tossing my hat in for it).

  4. Oh, Oh, Oh......
    I want to throw my hat into your lottery for your pacers!!!
    Yes, we know you don't really need one and that I can't keep up w/you on the uphills...but I could stay behind you and photo document your experience : )

  5. All joking aside, hope you get in!!
    Only 675 runners, how many usually put in for the lottery??

  6. I don't know, but my guess is that it's at least three times the number allowed. So my chances are likely less than 50-50, but at least they aren't 0 like they would be if I didn't try. Frog cupcakes!