Thursday, December 1, 2011


Is Bald Better??
Apparently Myles thought he would experiment w/two bald spots cut into the front of his hair.


  1. What is up with kids wanting to cut their hair? I'm amazed how often this happens.

    As a side note, I cut my hair really short before the last race and can confirm that it did not make me usefully more aerodynamic - I'm still slow...

  2. Shoot!
    I was trying to find a bright side to having a bald kid : )

  3. Mom,
    Pics are coming, I had to take some candid ones on our run this morning, I in no way shape or form wanted him to think his hair was picture worthy, so had to wait to take some of him 'running'

    the girls were cracking up and I told them when he thinks this is a funny thing to do and they wake up w/chunks missing from their hair they wont think it's too funny.
    So, yeah, it could be worse!