Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Insanity Update -

Week One Fit Test -
  • Switch kicks - 105
  • Power Jacks (squat jacks) - 53
  • Power Knees - 84
  • Power Jumps (jump from a squat, touch knees to elbows) - 40
  • Globe Jumps(each 1 = 4 jumps) - 14
  • Suicides (burpees) - 19
  • PushUp Jacks - 20
  • Low Plank Obliques (low plank, bring knees to elbows)- 51

Week 6 Fit Test -

  • Switch kicks - 119
  • Power Jacks (squat jacks) - 62
  • Power Knees - 98
  • Power Jumps - 73
  • Globe Jumps - 13
  • Suicide Jumps (burpees) - 20
  • Push up Jacks - 24
  • Low Plank Obliques - 57

Observations -

First, I'm super happy with the increase of the hardest moves for me - power jumps, and power knees!! I felt just as spent after finishing my minute this go round as I did week 1, so I was shocked to see that much of a difference. : )

Core strength and explosive/dynamic/plyometric strength has increased, while I feel my upperbody (shoulders, upper back, arms) has decreased, or maybe these areas are harder to see an increase in strength. This workout uses no weights, purely body resistance...and I had been using weights before. It's easy to see strength increase when you are upping your weight or increasing reps, however Insanity is max reps in the time given, so you always feel exhausted at the end, and unless I am doing the fit test, I don't' pay attention to how many reps, I just go crazy and go all out and then collapse on the floor.

I can definitely see/feel an increase of cardio and leg strength. I can do the moves for longer and sustain a much faster pace than week one. I feel solid in my runs, while not necessarily faster. IE - hills are feeling easier to get up, which has always been my weak point, but they aren't feeling any faster (but I have been pushing the stroller, so it's not really a good measure of speed)

As for core strength, every move makes you engage your core if you want to do it properly (and why bother if you're not going to do it properly??) So I can definitely feel it. I'm anxious to get some long runs in and up our cardio so I can start to actually see what I'm feeling. : ) .....and maybe laying off the Salted Carmel Mochas would help : )


  1. I should point out that I had a heart episode during the globe jumps and had to back off a bit until it passed.
    I can hear my mom freaking out as she reads that, but it's normal for me to "flutter" when I'm really exerting myself, I know to just chill for a sec and let it pass, no biggie....but I do think it brought down the rest of the numbers after that.

  2. You are right I am. When was the last time you had a physical? Was this mentioned? Luv U

  3. A Physical????
    I had blood work done last year, and blood pressure check, and my yearly unpleasant appointment, but other than that, no physical.

    Its done this since the beginning of time, as far back as I can remember. I can get through a marathon w/o any trouble, it's interval training that gets me, the 1 minute bursts of intense activity, then rest for 30 seconds, then 1 minute, cant' keep up w/the change of pace...