Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts....

I had some great runs this week! Two were with the Beast who I managed to keep w/in my sight both times.

This week is "Recovery" week for Insanity, so it's the same Core/Cardio/Balance workout all 6 days. Boring, but also neat to see how day 4 feels so much easier than day one did. Next week starts the last 4 weeks of all Max workouts.

Sophie, Myles and Brian are running the WC 5k tomorrow. I ran the course yesterday w/the Beast. Seems they may have picked the start of the course from a map w/o seeing it in person first as the starting path to Ironhorse does not exist in real life, as it does on a map. Oh, there is a narrow single track 10 foot section of trail to a one person wide opening in a fence that connects to the Ironhorse, but not the wide, paved path the map shows. Should make for an interesting race start. I'm hoping it's revamped by tomorrow morning.

Emma will have a few surprise fans cheering her along the 10k course tomorrow! (I emailed a few people).

Is anyone following the amazing Rock N Roll Vegas debacle?? Sounds like a total mess of a race. Not just a mess, but that they are lucky to not have any deaths. We are talking extreme overcrowding, vomiting, explosive diarrhea, fainting, running out of food, water, medals,shirts....and maybe scariest of all is to find out that it is a common practice in large marathons to pump water from fire hydrants into lined garbage cans and dip the cups in for runner water....which was done at the RnR race, apparently w/o gloves on some of the volunteers??? I'm sure they (volunteers) were doing their best to keep up with the insane crowd, but eewwhh. If it has to be done that way, gloves are non optional! I watched a video of a runner finishing and on either side of her people were vomiting. It will be interesting to see how the aftermath of this one plays out!

Ironman Kona airs tomorrow on NBC from 4:30 - 6 p.m. - google and check your local listings.

I have a cold and a sore, chunky throat and am hoping Emma doesn't give me a smack down tomorrow. I'm laying low today, doing my and the girls race nails, making chicken soup, and going to the race expo tonight.

And I leave you with this....since I have already mentioned vomit and explosive diarrhea....
I was doing Emma's hair this morning and saw something in it. I went to grab it and instantly knew I had grabbed a handful of green snot. As I was doubled over the toilet trying not to vomit she says, "Sorry, I sneezed and didnt' know where it went."

Have a great Friday!!


  1. Emma is a born trail runner! Where you sneeze is really not all that important.

    Surely they know about that narrow gate - that will be quite a sight if they had not thought of that. Even smallish rail races have issues with that sort of thing causing bottlenecks.

    RnR has been getting trashed a bit recently in a number of races, but this was by far the worst. I hate big races like that in any case, but this is frightening and absurd.

    Have a great race all of you tomorrow! (Even the almost bandit!)

  2. You guys have fun, too!
    Looking forward to your recap post!

  3. Ewwwww! I wish I was on the sidelines cheering you on! Have a great race.
    Emma, I cant wait to hear how you did!