Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2 of This-

Insanity Abs

Followed by 3 20 minute circuits of 10 minutes on each -




Tred as in treadmill, not as in I got ran over by a bike and left w/tred marks....although it does sort of feel that way at the end.

After Mondays awesomeness, my legs have felt pretty beat up. Tuesday ended up being a rest day. Wednesday my legs were still very sore. I hopped on the bike thinking I'd know pretty quick if it was the sore that you push through, or the sore that deserves some respect and rest. I made it about 7 minutes and knew one more day off would be the smart thing to do.

Honestly, yesterday they were still sore, but we had reached the point where miles HAD to be logged before this coming weekends long run. (2 long runs this week) Rather than just run, I opted for run/bike circuits w/the Beast here at home. It was great to have some company to keep me moving, and the boys had much more fun playing here than sitting in the joggers.

Today we have rain, fog, gloom and doom....(we really don't do well in this weather, we are a house full of Eeyore's)....and with a long run tomorrow, I again, didn't want to spend an hour straight on the dread mill, so I repeated yesterdays workout.

I am quickly learning to love the bike!! It can be a great workout if you don't' just sit there and leisurely spin. If you truly are wanting a workout and are serious, the bike is NOT a place for reading, or texting, or talking on the phone, or any sort of gaming. (this may seem off topic and random, but it's not really) I make the most of each of my 10 minute circuits. My tension gets adjusted every few minutes, I go from down and fast, to up and full tension, to sitting and cranking w/one leg, then switching to other's not pretty, it's gross and sweaty and yes the seat hurts when I'm using it, but it's a workout. From there, immediately on to the treadmill and start running for 10.

I have to out the Beast on the smack down she gave my treadmill yesterday, she had that thing going faster than it ever has and then asks, "does your treadmill smell smokey?" Why yes, yes it does! For those who don't know who this Beast creature is, she will be my pacer from mile 23 to 31 of Diablo Challenge 50k in April, so if you're there you may catch a glimps of her.

Random, but anybody ever make beef stew (with turkey, not beef, and sweet potatoes,not white) in a big pot in the oven...but at the last second decide to pour cornbread batter over the top??
It may have been the best rainy day dinner ever!!

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