Friday, January 13, 2012

Grub - a Super Not Exciting Post

So I said I would do a post on what we have been eating...

The more I think about it, it's really not blog worthy. Not that exciting really...actually it's way over the edge of being boring. I can sum it up in one non exciting sentence. We eat salad, chicken, fish, ground turkey, protein bars, protein shakes,, that's it. Those are our staples.

99% of the time, my day looks like this - Marathon Bar and banana, cup o coffee for breakfast. Lunch is a bowl of salad if home, if not, then most likely...another marathon bar. If salad, I put some sort of protein (whatever is left over in the fridge, usually chicken) in it. Dinner- more salad w/chicken or fish....lately it's been more fish than chicken.

When we eat fish it is always, always grilled outside on the bbq. I hate to smell fish in the house. Chicken is also grilled.

For excitement we will occasionally have tacos (ground turkey, fat free sour cream, low fat cheese) or something really wild and crazy like lasagna (whole wheat pasta, low fat ricotta - half a small container, low fat mozzarella, spinach, ground turkey, Trader Joe's fat free marinara)

My current fav dinner is White Chicken Chili in the crock pot. Obviously it has chicken. Also onion, grilled peppers, green chillies, white beans, black beans, cilantro, a spice mix (comes in a box at safeway)....I ad chopped raw white onion on top w/a dollop of Fat Free sour cream. The best part is the Trader Joe's corn bread : ) Yes, with the oil and eggs. It is so good and so worth it.

Goes w/o saying we drink a ton of water. A ton.

In the evenings when I am wanting to snack (yep, I'm human) I have my nightly huge cup of ice chips with zero calorie/sugar free cherry limeade. It takes me about an hour to eat it. I used to have a skinny cow, but I really didn't like the idea of having ice cream every night. I know it's just a skinny cow...but it's more the idea of it. Remember, we used to have our own personal Ben and Jerry's every night...

So there's your window into what we eat. I think you get the picture...what we eat would probably tasted like cardboard to most people, but we've gotten used to all the substitutions and can pretty much make anything we would have made "back in the day"....just a little different now.

In full disclosure, I should add that if I want something, I eat it. I prefer to eat healthy, and only keep healthy stuff in the house. I like to eat this way, and feel better doing so. I need to eat this way to be able to do the things we love to do. A few posts ago I talked about what we have been doing training wise....I need to know I'm eating healthy, and I need the protein to be able to do the training we are doing. That said, if I want a Twix on occasion, I will eat it. Also, since I am confessing...I drink too much coffee, use too much creamer, and way too much artificial sweetener. I am not a no carb, zero fat, no gluten, free range, organic, count every single calorie person. I easily become ocd with food/exercise/weight if I let myself get too precise/exact w/things.
So this is what works for us.

And if you see me after a Brazen, that is not me w/an It's It and plate of food I wouldn't eat in real life. You see nothing. Especially if it's after Diablo Challenge and I have a plate of sausages.
(These pictures have nothing to do with anything, just adding some excitement)

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