Monday, January 16, 2012


We are home, safe and sound.

It was awesome!! Gotter done in 3:2X.

One of those perfect trail days - the greens were super green, blues super blue, shade super cold, sun super warm, ups super steep, downs super runnable, birds chirping, bunnies crossing the trail in front of was really that wonderful!

Legs- kept waiting for the heavy, fatigued, can't take another step uphill feeling I had w/the Diablo half, but it never came. In fact, we both were waiting for something, a twinge, twang, pain of any kind, tiredness.....and we got nothing. I mean, by the time we hit the top, I was done climbing, but we came up over the summit, took a picture, drank some water, and started running right away and the legs felt fine. There were a few rolling hills that we managed to maintain a run up and over, a long downhill that we ran (we connected in at Deer Flat, and then it's all the same downhill as the Coastal Diablo half), and then the last 3 miles were rolling downhills and we were still running. Now that we have stopped moving.....I'm exhausted and really tight......but overall, it was a really, really amazing run!!

I'm going to start dumping pictures now.....


  1. When you finish Steep Ravine, be careful how you ask if you can do another lap - not all runners will take kindly to you being in such great shape. You two are awesome!

  2. ba ha ha....that is funny!

    It was one of those rare runs that is so great it's what makes you want to keep running.....but I am feeling the pain now, and tomorrows run is going to be rough!!