Wednesday, January 4, 2012



In your world, I'm sure the universe revolves around you. You no doubt make an entrance and the crowd parts to marvel at your gold and diamond rings, your manicured nails, your Lululemon or perhaps Athleta head to toe outfit, your IPhone, your Mercedes, and your freshly styled hair do.

To bad today you were in my world. Let me explain something. When you are on a trail, and there's a bright white line down the middle, that means you need to keep yourself and your designer dog on your side of the white line. That is the sole purpose of the white line. Also, you seem to have missed the sign at the trail head that explained the 6ft leash law. 6 ft of leash, no more. And, if you cant' control your dog and keep it on your side, then please shorten the leash.

In the future, if you see me coming at you full speed, running uphill, pushing 100lbs of kid and stroller....please be so kind as to remove yourself and your dog from my half of the trail. Don't stand there staring at me. Should you stand there staring at me for the time it takes me to cross the 20 yards between me and you/your dog...and make no attempt to move....I will not swerve off the trail into the bushes to go around you at the last second. That was a courtesy I did not have to extend to you, but because I didn't' want to dent my Ironman jogger, I went around you.

Also, if we should have a less than pleasant exchange on lap one, and we meet again on lap 2 (because I lapped probably didn't want to work up a sweat, it's ok) your glaring at me really has no effect. I know coming from your reality, you'll never understand this...but my frizzy hair, sweaty clothes, dried crusty salt on my face that looks like dried bird poop, and snot dripping from my nose....its way more powerful then your elitist glare from behind your shiny Gucci sunglasses in your cute little outfit.

Have a nice day.


  1. This sounds just like a lady I met up with on the trail yesterday. I was running with Kaya and saw the three ladies walking abreast on a very narrow trail ahead of me going in the same direction. I was going pretty good so they must have heard me coming. No one moved an inch so I shortened Kaya's leash and shouted out "on your left". The furthest one on the left moved over a smidge and as I was trying to pass them Kaya jumped into her face. I said she only wants to play and kept running. She looked horrified and all I could think was if you didn't want us so close you could've moved over more! Uggghhhh! Some people!

  2. HaHaHa...She was just getting started on her New Years Resolution. Now she has an excuse to stop for the year. :)