Friday, January 27, 2012

Race Recon

Confession....when it comes to races......I am nosey!!
Some of you already know this, the rest of you will now be hiding your bib numbers in your pictures : )

Yes, I am that person. If I know you and know you are running a race, I will look up your results...and your pictures. I live vicariously through your races : )

I am also that person who, when a RD lists the entrants of an upcoming race, will do recon on the other ladies in my age division. I know, I'm a total race nerd.

So here's the dl on my division for tomorrows 30k. There are 8 of us in the 30-39 division. I ran 5 of the other ladies names through Athlinks. I will finish 8th out of 8. All of the 5 have run multiple ultras, either placing top 10 overall or first in AD many times, and there's even a few 100 milers in there.

But it's good to know this now. I can take finishing in the top half of AD off the goal list. : )

Another you remember about a month or so ago we went to Stinson and hiked up Matt Davis Trail and back down to see the part of the course that made up the last few miles of the run??

We took a look at the course map 2 days has significantly changed. No Matt Davis. We head out on Dipsea, and come back on Dipsea. I'm a little bummed about not running Matt Davis...I had been telling myself if I just hold on through 14 miles,I know how stunning those last 4 are. But the truth is, there's not a bad view, or an ugly section anywhere near this course, and it's still going to be incredible.

Goals for tomorrow -
1) finish
2)have fun
3)eat solid food at each aid station - meaning substantial food, i.e. potatoes, sandwich bits, chips...not sports beans and gummy bears. Not because it will necessarily be necessary, but because I need to start making myself do it in prep for 50k.
4)experiment w/running w/2 handhelds rather than wearing a fuel belt. (not sure how to carry 2 handhelds and a camera...have to figure that out)
5)Don't get hurt, although falling is fine, probably non optional.


  1. I wonder why they changed the course? Still, lots of good trails though, but a bit odd. I also like looking at my competition (and its one of the few things I wish Brazen would do - show who is registered before a race).

    I would always opt for a belt since I MUST be able to carry a camera, and would only feel good/safe with two bottles.

    You are going to have a blast and do great! Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I'm wondering if I can manage carrying 2 in one hand...they have the hand strap thingy on both bottles...w/o gripping the actual bottle, just holding the 2 straps....we will see