Saturday, January 28, 2012

I think I ate a whole Potato

We are home safe and sound.

4:36:53 (according to the video as we passed the clock, I forgot to start my watch)

All goals met. We did finish, we did have fun, we didn't get hurt, or fall even. I did run w/2 handhelds and the camera (pictures will be posted tonight), and I did eat solid food. And I got plenty muddy, though that was not a stated goal. And we kept it under 5 hrs, which was also not a stated goal, but after seeing this new course I had started thinking we were looking closer to 6 I am thrilled with anything starting with a 4!!

From today forward I will refer to boiled chunks of potato dipped into a bowl of salt simply as Trail Manna. I get it now!! I have always thought this sounded so disgusting, but now I get it. At the first aid station I had just a slice of orange. We had been climbing, it was at the top of the first major climb, and my stomach was not wanting food...but I got an orange in. Next stop was just over mid way at Muir Beach, in the flat section on the elevation map. I shoved in 2 chunks of potato, and then the volunteer said "You really should dip that in the salt bowl".....what is this salt bowl you speak of?? OOHHH my.......pretty sure I ate a whole potato dipped in salt, then a square of PB and J. Half way up the final climb I was slowing down, Brian offered me a pack of fruit snacks and we split it. Next up we were back at the top of Cardiac, ready to start the EPIC decent to the finish. At this aid station I had....more amazing salty potato!! I have to say also that I drank a ton and refilled at the 3 stations. I ended this one looking like a crusty pillar of salt : ) and more about the actual trail


  1. Thanks for posting so quickly I was waiting anxiously for some details. I'm glad you did it and more glad that you are home. How were the brows??

  2. YAY! You two SO ROCK! This is all GREAT news - and not much of a surprise since I expected nothing less from you two studs!

    I love how surprisingly good the boiled potatoes are - I was just as stunned the first time I tried them. There comes a point where you are tired of sugary things, and potatoes are great comfort food. And it sounds like you hydrated well (salty potatoes will make you drink more - it's all good!)

    A HUGE congrats on doing so well and having a great race. The time I did this, there were 50K people finishing the 30K bit about the same time as me - but they then had to head out to do another 20K. I could not imagine doing that. Could you have?

  3. Thanks!

    I was really thinking about whether or not I had another 13 in me. Not because I was tempted to do it, but because in April I'll have to. I honestly could not have done it on this course. That scares me a bit, but when I look at the Diablo course, it's not 2 or 3 major climbs that make up the elevation gain,(wearing you out for the last 13) it seems to be spread out a bit more evenly...or at least that is what I am telling myself.
    I am happy w/18 miles under 5 hrs though...that is a bit reassuring that we should be able to make the cutoffs.
    But a solid NO to doing 13 more on that course!!

  4. Ok, so there are I would say, 3 major climbs...but overall the gain is more spread out....or maybe I'm just grasping for some hope : )

  5. I just checked and I did this race in 4:54 last year - you will have no trouble with Diablo. I think you are correct about how the general course layout is a bit easier at Diablo, even though it has a lot more elevation.