Saturday, January 7, 2012


View this running route at

Ok, so somebody out there let me know if this works for should be able to click the "view details" button and go to the map on friend fit. Then under map options (a pull down tab on the upper right corner of map) click on Earth. Then you should be able to select "play" on the upper left of map, and basically do a virtual fly over of the course. It's pretty darn cool, so I am hoping it works for you!!

Let me know...if it works I could map our 50k course and see if it'll fly over cool would that be??


  1. I can't get the Earth bit to play, but I didn't have Google Earth installed, so I suspect I need to restart my browser (now that it is installed). That's over my head at this point and will have to wait for tomorrow. But this all looks pretty cool!

  2. Oh, yes, I should say, as NTL mentioned, you need Google Earth. If you dont' have it, it is free and you'll be prompted to download it.
    Brian test drove it and it did work for him...
    I have mapped our last few hikes, including Matt Davis, Shell Ridge to Castle Rock, and today's hike to China Wall on Diablo.
    So cool that our families can now see the actual hikes and adventures!!
    I will post them over the next few days...