Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh What a Difference 24 hrs Can Make

Yesterday, I dropped the girls at school and headed to Heather Farms. I started off on the logs. Yes, logs. There are 3 logs laying parallel about 3 inches off the ground. You sit on one and hook your feet under another. I did sets of crunches and russian twists for 20 minutes while watching the sun come up from behind the hills of Mt. Diablo. Myles stayed entertained watching 4 otters playing in the lake next to us. 3 were playing, one was eating fish.

Then we headed to a hill hidden behind the rose garden. I told Myles he could explore any trails that were within site (there are many). He had a blast while I ran hill repeats for 30 minutes. There were a few water breaks, but for the most part I was moving the whole time. It took between 32 - 36 seconds to make it up the hill, then I would walk down, repeat...for 30 minutes.

Then the Beast and son arrived and we did a 4 mile run (I say 4 but I'm sure she'd say it was 3.95ish and doesn't' count as a 4 mile run : ) When we got back to the park we hit the logs again, for nearly an hour. These logs are new to both of us and we had fun figuring out tons of different exercises that could be done - moving planks, push ups, side planks, tricep dips, stork squats, and of course any crunch you could create....and I am super sore today!! Like the sore where you realize how many core muscles you use just to stand up or walk arcoss the room...I feel each and every one, which is great.
It was a great day!!

Myles had a dry cough all day yesterday, no biggie..... but of course, last night it went ballistic, can't breath, turning purple gasping for air sort of event. Most kids coughs are worse at night, but this was pretty bad. And he's so sweet, he kept saying "I'm scared", and every time he'd cough(which was about every 5 seconds) the cough ended in "Why!!" I had been giving him cough syrup every 4 hours yesterday, but it failed big time at night. Brian did the emergency run to the store at 10 pm looking for something else that may work. He came home w/my most hated thing - Vick Vapo rub. Hate that stuff! And...not just the rub, but a light/fan thing you plug in and it puts the stuff into the air. (we had tried a reg humidifier w/no change in his cough) I tried the bowl of hot water with a towel over your head breathing in the steam, he panicked and was hysterical screaming "I dont' like soup!" it really wasnt' worth getting him even more worked up over. Anyhow, with new 12 hour syrup, the rub, and the fan/meds....he would sleep for about 20 minutes, and then cough and cry...repeat till 7 this morning. Oh, did I mention he was burning up??? Bright red and sweaty all night....deathly afraid of the thermometer so I have no idea how high his temp got. Anyhow, it was a stinking long night of me sleeping on one sofa, Myles on another, and Brian propped up in a chair.....we were both worried about his breathing and wanted to be where we could see him and hear him wheezing.

So yesterday I felt totally in shape and alive and full of life and fitness enthusiasm....and 24 hours later I feel like a half dead slug who knows it's days are numbered. I spent a few hours holding him last night w/him coughing in my as all moms know, it's only a matter of time before it'll be me who's up all night coughing.

I have managed to stay awake until noon, which means I can take a nap now. Even though today's going to be a wash as far as exercise/runs go....I'm pretty sure that slugs don't have abs or triceps, and I sure can feel here's to remembering I'm not a slug, and 24 hours from today I will most likely be in the middle of another great workout!


  1. Awwww poor MIles! I sure hope you don't get it! You are soooooo not a slug. It woulda killed me to do all that exercise you did. I felt all my core muscles after that half marathon last weekend. Just the way you described feeling yours after all that exercise.

  2. Ahhhhh Im so sorry! Its going around up here too. A friends 4 year old was put on an inhaler for bronchitis yesterday. Give the sweet boy a hug from me!

  3. Diane - thanks, I know it's all mental...we are heading out for a hike on Diablo today and long run in the morning...I'm sure the "slug" thoughts will be gone after that : )

    Melissa - tis the time o year....inhalers are all the rage these days, our kids have all been on them at one point or's a wonder I made it through childhood w/o one : )
    He was a little better last night, so should be on the upward swing now.