Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Al's a Reader, maybe

I just watched the weather segment on the Today show....I think Roker reads my blog.
Apparently California is in a record drought, with record winds, and record breaking heat. Didn't I mention that yesterday? I was just waiting for him to say the state is experiencing "fart like" conditions. Seriously, though...another day of mid 70's, and 60 mph winds. And I need to get in 6 miles today. GR.  Brian said he heard something about being issued "rain buckets" to collect any water we do get (??) so that we have water to use.  If we get any rain that may help.  I should have mentioned yesterday that the trails are so dry on the mountain, a lot of them are inches deep of dust.  If you've been up Dusty Trail (heads up to Wall Rd from Pine Valley), you know about inches of trail dust...but right now a lot of the trails are in that same condition, which is not normal.  The ones that aren't getting ground up into dust are dried and cracked like they are  in mid summer.  I had a wave of realizing what would happen if there was any spark of any kind up on that mountain yesterday...the way the winds were ripping up there and it was such a dry heat in the wind. Quickly followed by a wave of anger because on nearly every run I see at least one cigarette butt on the ground.  Scary stuff.
Alright....well....I've painted my nails, did the dishes, wrote this lame post.....time to stop stalling and lace up and get this run done!
I love his shoes : )

I hope to have pictures up of the kids w/new cowboy boots later today! May seem random, but it's not. : )

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