Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If only I had Mary Poppin's Umbrella, and nature had some Beano

I just have to quickly share how horrid today's run was. Pace wise, it was my normal pace...however, at 11 a.m. it was in the 70's.  70's.  Now, that is not hot, but it is hot when I'm finally adjusted to running in anywhere from 30's - 60's.  Throw on top of that terrible, horrid, awful wind.  Strong, strong wind.  I drove up the mountain and parked at Burma, and the car was rocking so bad I was afraid to leave it there. I opened my car door and it blew backwards and crunched and I was positive it was going to blow off. I had to wrestle it closed, and that is when I made the wise choice to get down off the mountain and see if it was any better lower in the valleys. Nope. It was not better. So, now we have 70's, and hot wind. It was like constantly running into a fart. And that is what it felt like.  I seriously wanted an umbrella so I could just float up and away....on a fart. (yes, I just said fart, 3 times now in one post).    I decided that 7.7 miles of running in a fart (4x's) is = to 10 miles of running in 55 degrees and no wind and called it a day. Runners logic.

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