Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pictures and a Video

 A few beach pictures from Monday. It was 70 at the beach.
Also, at the bottom of the post is a video from this mornings run. I wanted you to hear how dry the grass/fields/Mountain is.  There was, yet again, a dry, hot wind blowing today.

 We hit our favorite Bakery, where Myles devoured some carrot cake.
 He handed me this and said I could have the, not even a whole bite.
 A few from Tuesdays run.
 I headed out a new trail, well, and old trail that was new to me. I got a little freaked out because it became clear after a few miles of a trail covered in tumble weeds and huge pine cones...nobody had been out there in a while. Lots of animal prints and poo though.

 Ok, I know this is odd, but the tan and browns of this hill reminded me of the boots I'll be ordering. Tells you what I was thinking about as I was running.

These are from today's run. Let me just tummy went from being totally fine one second to me being panicked trying to find cover to cop a squat...on a very exposed trail.  I should apologize to the turkeys for what i did on the trail today.  It was not pretty.

 Remember me talking about the trail dust a few posts back? Just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
 This is outbound way out Stage, heading up towards the ranch on the mountain and Buckeye loop.
 Feeling ok still...
 See those tan hills way way back there, the last ones you can see? I started behind those.
 Heading that way on that trail, over there is where my tummy turned.
 That trail...goodness. It's not supposed to be white powder. It's supposed to be ankle deep water and mud where the creek takes over the trail.
 And that is Froggy Pond. Was. It's bone dry. There's supposed to be a huge lake/puddle that flows from the pond and covers the trail.

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  1. That song always reminds me of you.(Tears) Miss you.