Monday, January 20, 2014

Which Ones??- The Great Boot Dilemma

A new pair of boots are in my near future.Since finding that out, I have been able to narrow it down to two pairs, and...while I never do this...I am asking for your thoughts! Which ones do you like best?? I really can't decide. I like both, for different reasons.  While these will be worn in dirt, and while riding an actual horse...beyond that, they will be worn with dresses, skirts, summer fun outfits, skinny jeans, leggings....well, probably everyday. I have a tan pair from Target that I wear constantly, but they aren't "real" boots like these two pairs are.

A few things to note. I am tall, and I like a taller shaft.  Most standard cowboy boots have a 12 inch shaft, however, both these pairs are taller.  Also, note the heel height.

Ok, here they are!

This first pair is by Ariat. It has a 15 inch shaft, so would hit just below the knee. The heel height is
1 3/4 inch high.  While it has the traditional pointed toe of a cowboy boot, it is a snip toe, meaning the end is squared off, which I like.  Here's the info from the site-

  • Sassy Brown Leather Foot & Upper
  • 15" Tall Upper w/ Partial Inside Zipper
  • Decorative Stitch & Embroidery on Foot & Top Collar
  • Snip Toe
  • ATS Technology - Stability & Comfort
  • Duratread Outsole - Durability
  • 1.75" Dress Heel
  • Goodyear® Single Stitched Welt
The Sahara combines traditional western boot attributes with smooth styling to create a boot in a class all its own. Craftsmen started with a classic western foot foundation, with an X toe, Duratread outsole and scoured and distressed dress heel. The smooth foot and upper are constructed from full-grain leather. Decorative stitching and embroidery adorn the foot and top collar. The partial inside zipper provides a superb fit around the calf. Ariat’s ATS Footbed Technology delivers superior support, stability and comfort.'s the second pair.  These are by Corral, another great boot company.  They have a 13 inch shaft, so 2 inches shorter on the leg than the above pair.  The heel is 2 1/8 inches high.  Also snip toe.

Here's the info from the site-

Boot Features:
  • Cognac and antique saddle leather overlay vamp
  • 13" Cognac and antique saddle shaft with eagle overlay
  • Lightly cushioned insole
  • Leather outsole
  • 2 1/8" Heel height
  • Snip toe
  • Hand crafted and finished, no two are alike

These fancy inlay western boots by Corral Boots will turn heads from the ranch to the dance floor! The 13" goat leather shaft features an eagle inlay on the shaft and wing tip toe. Lined with comfortable leather, these boots will mold to your feet as you wear them in. The 2 1/8" is perfect for any woman and the leather sole will have you dancing all night!

Both make me giddy and I can't wait to have either one!  I think I'm getting hung up because the top pair is more versatile and I'll be able wear them with anything, any look, anytime....while I really love the bottom pair because they are a great looking pair of cowboy boots.  If I were a boot, I would look like that pair of boots! They are a boot.  Obviously, they are not as versatile as the top pair, but that would not prevent me from wearing them everywhere, even when its not appropriate to show up in cowboy boots. : )  Ok, the more I type the more I'm convinced I should get the bottom pair.

But I'd still love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. OK., For a girl that used to go to rodeos with mom and sister just to sit there and rate cowboys in their wrangler jeans I lean toward the more traditional western boot. Not to mention that you were riding horses before you learned to walk. You also were the cutest thing on her pony that, along with your sister, you took first place in a parade. You were the best horse rider for your age I have ever known. Yes, I lean toward the more traditional western boot. However, you would look splendid in the higher cut boot. Tough decission. I am going to talk to Val and maybe we can make you so giddy you will be acting so silly as in the kidos will be laughing at your smile because it is so big.
    Val and I love all you

    1. Yeah, I think I'm sold on the bottom pair, too!
      And "used to rate cowboys" nothing, i still do that.
      : )
      We love you guys, too!

    2. Now's a good time to say all the other cowboys are a -5 compared to the one I have at home. : )
      Love you, even with the jock-itch fake walk, my big strong wrangler-wearing man.

  2. I got a text with a vote for the top pair, so I'm adding that here. There is no denying that they are the more practical/versatile pair.....argh.

  3. Val and I can actually see it. That is Brian in wranglers, flannel shirt and boots. My image says all he needs to be up there with the best of the wrangler sixes is a Dwight Yoakum stetson. At that even I would give him at least a 9 out of 10. Do we get to vote on this as well?

    1. Yes, but does he get added points or points taken away for his Rhinestone Cowboy walk? I really do like his shirt. I need to find him one with pearl snaps.

  4. So I scrolled down and looked first and initially loved the top pair but then after reading your comments I'm definitely leaning toward the bottom pair! Either way I'm sure you'll rock them!

  5. Replies
    1. In this case, I agree!
      If I end up with the bottom ones....I for sure need to find a country concert to go to...they just need to be worn to one! They are too pretty to keep at home in the closet!!

  6. Thank You, everybody, for your comments!! I really do appreciate the input. And just so you all know, I love comments in general and get super excited when I see one in my inbox!
    As for the boots...I'm going with the bottom pair! : )

  7. OK. After talking it over with val it was a decision we both had already reached in our own minds. When I asked you how come in the picture you were the only family member without a new pair of boots you replied "because I'm the mom." I already knew what that would be your answer. Your family is always first. There is truly more joy in giving. You have given val and I twice the joy because we both pitched in and you will be able to buy both pair of boots. You did for your family, now give us the joy of seeing you do for yourself. You have to get both pairs, no argument. Besides, we want to see pics of you in both pairs. Val and I love you guys so much.

    1. Ah, guys. Thank you so much!!
      I was so excited just thinking about having one pair of real boots....2 is beyond!
      Thank you both very much! How exciting!!
      We love you, too!