Tuesday, January 7, 2014


First, a special shout out to my step mom, Val. Were it not for your special blue sauce (it's not lotion!), I would not be able to run today. It's really helping with my sore calves and achilles, so thank you very much!

I've been slacking the past 2 posts on pictures, so here's a post to get y'all caught up.
 Myles looks like such a baby when he sleeps, this could easily be one of his 2 year old pictures, but he's 7.
 What a lot of winter break looked like.
 We had a fun day with Brian- slept in, then went out for breakfast, then to see Walking With Dinosaurs, the movie. The kids loved it!

 Thank you, dad, for all the new running clothes! And thank you Old Navy for your 40% off sale! Remember that Live Learn  Burn shirt for a later picture.....
 This is what you do when your husband gets a confidential phone call when you are out running errands.  It's never a burden, and as a family, we just know that he's always available, 24-7 when someone needs help or to talk, so we just roll with it.  Sometimes that means waiting outside of the car, sitting in a parking lot.  Until your butt goes numb and you remember that you have camping chairs in the back of the van.  Tires make good foot rests, I've learned! : ) This pic makes it look like pants are optional when running errands.

 I took the kids for a hike. We started at Rock City, looped up to Curry Point, then down into the valley and back up around to Rock City. Above is a good look at the side of the mountain that burned, starting at the top and moving to the right.

 I had on a new pink top and new compression shorts.
 That milky water is a sulfur spring, I know this because there was a sign, not because I'm smart.

 Puzzle picture is in a random spot, but this beast took all of winter break to finish. It's now glued together and soon to be hanging in Emma's room.

 These next pictures are all from yesterday's 9 miler.   It looks a bit dark, but it was around 11 a.m.  Just cloudy.

 Wearing 2 new tops on this run, and all this pink just made me extra happy.
 That guy was ripping apart his breakfast.

 This sky reminded me of Mary Poppins.
The last two pictures are the result of taking what I thought was a trail, turned out not to be, but I just kept going and eventually came to a well used trail.  A trail that went straight up. At the end of my run when I was almost back to the car.  Ggrrr.
I said to myself about this new trail "live and learn" and then laughed, because I remembered what new tank I had on. "Live Learn Burn".  I sure was.

Happy Tuesday!

My morning started with baking 4 bags worth of frozen fries and fish sticks.  Because it's heritage day at Em's school.  And she has some English in her. Or do you say British? I don't know.  But she wanted to take fish and chips. I made her the American version.

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  1. Love the pictures! Maybe I should get some of that body rub... I've been having this weird plantar fasciitis thing on and off for a year now, maybe it would help!